Severe Weather Rules

Churchville Soccer Club Severe Weather Rules

Games and Practice

Check Field Conditions with

CSC Field Manager:   Mark Liebeck-766-1254

If your team does not have a playable field available due to recent weather, you must try to notify the visiting team and the MURSL Assignor

Bob Tunningly

Outdoor Fields & Scheduling Coordinator & Referee Assignor





or the RDYSL Division Coordinator prior to game time to avoid unnecessary traveling.


Division Coordinators
Position Name E-mail
Boys U9-U10 Coordinator Jacky VanDellon
Boys U11 Coordinator Sean Doherty
Boys U12 Coordinator Jerry White
Boys U13-U14 Coordinator John Prospero
Boys U15-U16 Coordinator Shawn Hart
Boys U17-U19 Coordinator Marc Dall
Girls U9-U10 Coordinator Peter Urban
Girls U11-U12 Coordinator Jeff Rothwell
Girls U13-U14 Coordinator Paul Stirrup
Girls U15-U16 Coordinator Ed Muoio
Girls U17-U19 Coordinator Brad Schreiber


RDYSL Info at

Thunder or Lightning

The referee/coach will make any necessary decisions at the field regarding dangerous weather conditions. If thunder and/or lightning are observed, the game/practice will be suspended immediately and the field will be cleared allowing people to seek safe shelter. The following steps apply:

A 30 Minute wait period will be started. This wait period will be reset to 30 in the event any additional thunder or lightning are observed. Both teams and referee/coach will wait this time before resuming the game/practice.

After 30 minutes of clear weather the referee/coach shall make every reasonable effort to resume the game/practice with full consideration of site conditions as they affect safety and playing conditions.

If lightning and/or thunder is observed prior to the start of the game/practice, it will not begin until a 30 minute wait period of clear weather has been observed.

If both teams and referee/coach have waited 60 minutes for clear weather but are still in a wait period the game can be abandoned if both coaches agree. A game/practice can be abandoned during a wait period if it will be too dark to resume the game when the period ends.

Playing in the dark is DANGEROUS!

            If a game is abandoned by a referee due to weather conditions after the game has started, the following prevails:

Game is at or beyond the halfway mark the team leading at the time of stoppage of play will be declared the winner. If the game is tied, it stands.

If a game has not reached the halfway mark, it will be rescheduled and played in its entirety. However, all infractions will stand.


Coaches and referees are expected to use common sense in the event of high heat and/or humidity during Games and Practice.

In the event of high heat (over 90°F) and/or humidity, the referee should allow a water break approximately halfway through each half of the game. Consent of the coaches is not required. The referee will pick the appropriate time for the stoppage. The maximum duration of the break will be 3 minutes. The 3 minute break time will be added to the end of each half. Players may leave the field to get their water. Unlimited substitutions are allowed at this time.

The coaches and referee may mutually agree to shorten the halves of the game.

Player safety must be the prime consideration.